Here's how you have a say

When it comes to a serious illness, it's common to feel a little tongue-tied. Those medical decisions are a big deal. But you can take action by just starting a conversation—with anyone you trust, like a friend or spouse or anyone who matters to you.

You can start that conversation now. Check out one of our recommended resources:

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How we're helping Oregonians

The Oregon Coalition for Living Well with Serious Illness offers a new vision for serious illness care designed to deliver better patient and family experiences through a holistic and connected community ecosystem of care. This includes hospital and specialty medical care, out-patient and home-based palliative care, social supports (like meals and transportation), mental health, information technology and spiritual care. The more than 150 individuals from 79 organizations that make up the Coalition prioritize quality of life for families and aim to implement innovative models for Oregonians that inspires innovation in communities across the nation. Convening this group of committed individuals has helped us identify existing resources, reduce fragmentation and avoid duplication of efforts in the area of serious illness care. Ultimately, the Coalition’s mission is to educate, communicate and connect in order to help people with serious illness and their caregivers live well.

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Our Priorities

As a Coalition, we are working on four priorities:

  • Staying connected during COVID-19 while supporting patients and families with serious illness with advance care planning and improved communication tools to ease their journey;
  • Landscape Mapping to build an inventory of resources and map what services are available across the state and identify gaps, opportunities and remove barriers;
  • Model Building to evaluate policy and other changes needed to improve the patient and family experience;
  • Culture Shifting to inspire and foster a movement in Oregon and engage key influencers.