Landscape Mapping

This group is working to build an inventory of resources and map what programs and services are available within the organizations involved in the coalition, and across the state. They will be identifying gaps and barriers, as well as opportunities for collaboration.

Key Goals

1. Statewide delivery of integrated, whole person serious illness care

2. Expand and deepen understanding of serious illness care and caregiver support across the whole health system

  • number of patients/ caregivers in coalition vs in wider landscape
  • Caregiver support (add to activities on map)
  • Paid and unpaid caregivers (audience?)
  • patient/ caregiver journey maps
  • track patients among our coalition orgs

3. Increase support for and effectiveness of advance care planning conversations

  • Where are ACP resources/ services 

4. Identify and reduce obstacles to effective coordination of serious care teams

5. Align care with patient goals

6. Close coverage and access gaps in serious illness care landscape

Upcoming Meetings

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